Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Who Are You, Sir?

Hehehe punten, urang nggak jago gambar euy :p


Dear Mr. I dont know who,
do you know? I love deep talks.

Those are kind of..
Please tell me about why you'd prefer to talk to your dad rather than your mom.
Or tell me what kind of books you like to read while you're waiting or alone in your room.
Or tell me about your favorite lyrics in the songs you listen to everyday and why.
Or tell me about the best friends you had when you were growing up and how.
Or tell me about the things you think about right before you fall asleep.
Tell me anything. Tell me everything.
Tell me like I want to know you better than anyone else on this entire planet.

And oh! I forgot something, anyway.

First of all, please tell me
have I met you yet?

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