Tuesday, March 29, 2016

An Essay Homework

Mr. Berman: I suggest that you start by trying to write an essay, 500-600 words about yourself, your life and your interests. What do you want to study abroad and why?


My name is Gita. I spent my first 18 years in Bekasi, then 6 years in Yogyakarta and am currently living in Bandung for about 6 months. I love to try new living experience in different places. I believe that it teaches me a lot and gives me so many new perspectives on life, since I have to adapt, make new friends and solve my problems all by myself.

I am passionate about art since I was just a kid, despite the fact that I am a computer scientist by education. I just graduated last year from Computer Science at Universitas Gadjah Mada. Now I am working at a tech startup named UrbanIndo as a (literally junior) UI/UX Specialist. I love my field of work so I think of my job as a paid hobby. I also adore my CEO and CTO as my role models, because they are helpful, open minded and down to earth. I enjoy discussing with my co-workers to solve problems, design something, keep my eyes on details, and do some user research. I have a dream to own a business at 30, so now is my time to learn from what I do, see and hear every day. I do these activities with all my heart.

Meanwhile, my nearest dreams are to live abroad for years and continue my study to learn about UI and UX more, so I combine those dreams into a phrase: study abroad. Honestly I really love the US and UK, but it doesn't matter if I have a chance to go to other countries as long as I can get good mentors and environment to develop my passion deeper. Whatever my plans are, I believe God is still the best scenario writer ever. I’m pretty sure He has a great plan for me.

Even though UI and UX are usually where my heart is, since I’ve moved to Bandung, I do try and involve myself with other activities. I value learning and enjoying life. Now I am taking a conversation class in an English course, join a free weekly English class at my office, and also taking an online writing class. I need to learn it a lot because I'd say that I don't have enough confidence with my English skill. Sometimes I still need to think hard before I write and tell something in English, so all I need is practice. Beside that, I enjoy my spare time by reading novels, ebook and articles, watching movies in cinema, writing random things on my blog, drawing my birthday friend’s faces, having deep talks, discover new places, and walking through crowds by myself—observing people and being inspired are my biggest pleasures.

Beside art, music is my passion, too. I grow up listening to The Beatles since my father is a big fan of them. I have learned piano since I was 6 and he gave me The Beatles’ music scores to learn. I collect some Beatles’ covers and love singing along into my hairbrush.

Talking about dream, my biggest dream that I promised to myself since I graduated from university is to empower at least 30 people in the future. I once heard a statistic that if every single graduate student in Indonesia empower 30 people, there will be no more unemployment left. When I knew about the fact, it feels like I have a debt to my beloved country to actualize it. I actually don’t know how I will do this yet. Perhaps I’ll build my own digital startup, a course, or even a food stall.

Moreover, I dream to be one of UX experts in Indonesia someday, so I can be a part-time lecturer or seminar’s keynote speaker frequently to share my passion and knowledge to other passionate people, to participate making Indonesian people more aware about how important the good UX is, to inspire and be inspired more because I will meet so many people out there.

In brief, whatever I’ll do, all I want is to be somebody’s hero, become a useful person while doing something that I enjoy and love, and last but not least, I want to be a great mother, wife, daughter and sister, too, for sure.


Halo! Lama nggak nulis blog sejak challenge menulis di blog 31 hari selesai, ditambah sekarang saya lagi jarang nongkrong di kos hehe. Senang sebenarnya, akhirnya waktu yang biasanya dialokasikan buat melototin layar smartphone sampai ngantuk berkurang, karena akhirnya saya sekarang punya kesibukan baru tiap malam, hore!

Jadi ceritanya saya sekarang lagi (sok) nyibukin diri dengan les Bahasa Inggris sepulang dari kantor. Dan essay di atas adalah salah satu PR saya tempo hari. Mengingat skor toefl terakhir yang masih sedih itu, saya mutusin untuk replace malam-malam sendirian saya dengan ikutan les Bahasa Inggris: di tempat kursus di daerah Dago dua kali seminggu (niatnya sekalian cari temen juga sih ini) sama Dimas & Nikos, di kantor seminggu sekali sama Kristo, dan via email/skype sama Mr. Russel Berman.

Sipsip, udah jam 11:30. Saya mau pensiun jadi night owl karna Teh Ninih (istri Aa Gym) pernah bilang kalau mau jadi muslimah yang cantik itu kita harus ngurangin kebiasaan begadang hahaha. Jadi, dadaaah!


  1. semangat mba gita buat s2 di luarnya :)

    1. Makasih Fitri! Buat mencapai ke sana masih banyak banget yang harus dikejar & dipelajari :') minta doanyaa. Semangat juga Fit buat skripsinyaa :)

  2. Les di dago dimananya ya teh? Hehe bagis ga

    1. Di EEP seberang Dukomsel, teh. Saya ambil kelas conversation, pembagian native sama local teacher-nya 50:50. Sejauh ini cukup worth it dengan harganya yang nggak terlalu mahal kalau dibandingkan TBI/EF :D