Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Favorite Movies (Rated by Gita)

today let's talk about movie. for me, favorite movie is when I want to watch a movie as much as i can.
some of my faves are:

1. a moment to remember
2. my mom
3. hello ghost
4. speedy scandal
5. wedding dress

1. reply 1988
2. master's sun
3. the gentleman's dignity
4. 49 days
5. money war

1. hello stranger
2. crazy little thing called love
3. superstar

1. chibi maruko chan live action
2. cyborg she
3. proposal daisakusen

1. fiksi
2. jakarta maghrib
3. arisan
4. cin(t)a
5. berbagi suami 

1. taara zamen par
2. we are family
3. 3 idiot
4. mohabbatein
5. koi... mil gaya

1. love me if you dare
2. ameliè
3. la vita è bella

1. leap year
2. something borrowed
3. before sunrise
4. serendipity
5. 27 dresses

1. last holiday
2. little miss sunshine
3. flipped

1. orphan
2. insidious
3. final destination

1. seven pounds
2. the reader
3. the invention of lying
4. forrest gump
5. the bucket list

1. babies
2. paranormal activity
3. super size me

1. up
2. tangled
3. despicable me
4. spirited away
5. frozen

Everlasting (Classic)
1. the sound of music (1965)
2. west side story (1961) 
3. titanic (1997)

p.s: fyi, I don't really like action, superhero, war, and science fiction movies, so that's all :p

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Love Letter Using Beatles Song Titles

Hey Jude!
Inspired by this and this, supercreative bloggers who wrote love letters using The Beatles' song titles, let me try my own. I wish a real man (not only my imaginary man haha!) could give it to me hihi. I'm not that hypocrite to say it's too-sweet-to-be-true.
Well, please ignore the letter's grammar and enjoy! :)

                                          September in the Rain, Octopus’s Garden - Kansas City

Hello Little Girl,
I’m Looking Through You, I’ve Just Seen a Face, From a Window
Think for Yourself; Flying, Free as a Bird, Shout, Act Naturally, Run for Your Life
Tell Me Why, Tell Me What You See, What You’re Doing, What Goes On, How Do You Do It
I’m Talking about You, Here, There, and Everywhere, Yes It’s Too Much
I’m in Love.

The Night Before,
With A Little Help From My Friend, I Call Your Name, and You Know My Name
Help! I’ve Got a Feeling! I Should Have Known Better, I Want You, I Need You.

Do You Want to Know a Secret?
Yesterday, I Lost My Little Girl, I Saw Her Standing There, with Some Other Guy  
This Boy, Crying, Waiting, Hoping, like The Fool on The Hill
Yes It Is, I’m Down, I’m a Loser, I’m So Tired, Lonesome Tears in My Eyes,
Till There was You,
Thank You Girl.

Oh! Darling,
I Want to Tell You, I Want to Hold Your Hand, I Want to be Your Man,
Ask Me Why? It’s Only Love, From Me To You, Let It Be
That’ll be The Day, Two of Us,
Watching Rainbows, Twist and Shout, I’m Happy Just to Dance with You, Roll Over Beethoven,
Like Dreamers Do.

Honey Don’t,
Don’t Ever Change, Don’t Let Me Down, Don’t Pass Me By, Don’t Bother Me, You Can’t Do That
Please Please Me, Love Me Do
Because, Baby, It’s You, I’m in Love.

P.S.: I Love You,
Nowhere Man.

Hahahahahaha agak ngaco sih but it's mineeee! Try to make your own, too, by click this to get list of The Beatles' song titles. Goodluck!