Wednesday, November 26, 2014

An Ideal Marriage Partner

This essay was made for my IELTS course's writing task. Honestly, I still have to learn a lot about how to write a good essay to express my opinion, but here you are, enjoy! :)

Describe an ideal marriage partner. What qualities do you think are most important for a husband. Use specific reasons and details to explain your choices.

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Everybody has his own perspective about qualities which are important for a marriage partner. In my point of view as a lady, there are some characteristics which are essential for a husband. First, I won't be hypocrite about this one, love that grows is very important. It is because spending time for the rest of our lives without love is like food without flavoring, tasteless. Love can grow in many kind of relationships, such as lovers, siblings, best friends, business partners, partners in crime, and parents of our kids in the future. Meanwhile, I think instead of many reasons, love is something that make people should not flirt with others and stay faithful with their partners.

Besides, in my opinion, a marriage partner should be open minded so we will have a great open communication. Just imagine, if there's a blackout and only us two in our house, our gadgets' batteries are empty and all we can do is only chat and chat. Therefore, I think it must be great to spend whole lifetime having good communication with our partners. Then, relationship should be base on open mind to accept and give honor to each other's idea although it's different. It's important to have someone who respects and doesn't judge our opinions or desires, for example when raise our children, give names of them, design our home, comment on an issue, etc.

Moreover, I'd like to discuss about other specific characteristics. I think mature man is an important factor for being a good partner. People with maturity will love her partner right, care more about feeling of his wife, has sense of responsibility and act unselfishly. Then, he also has to make us a better person and maintain a healthy relationship. Our partners also have to fit into our family, because after marrying us, they will also marry our family. As well as vice versa, we have to fit into his family, too. Thus, I always dream to have a lifetime partner who displays intelligence, because smart man will offer insightful advices and help us to make good choices.

Next, let's talk about similarity. I think a man with a similar sense of humor and much laughter will bring us more happiness. Having some mutual interests is also important because it will be great to enjoy things that we love together for the rest of our lives. It's important too to have common vision, ideology, and goal. It will be nice to pursue ours and our partner's mutual dreams together, without forgetting to still pursue our own and respect our partner's. Last, religious agreement is the most important thing of all.

All in one, I think marriage is a beautiful life phase which requires compromises and understanding between partners.

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